A-Clinic Ltd's Addiction Hospital

A-Clinic Ltd's Addiction Hospital is the only hospital specialized for treatment of substance abuse problems in Finland. The hospital provides treatment services nationwide.

Addiction Hospital is part of the A-Clinic Ltd. The A-Clinic Ltd., operates to reduce alcohol, drug and other addiction problems by providing versatile professional services. The A-Clinic Ltd. is the largest Finnish NGO in the addiction field.

The Hospital was founded in 1951 by the Finnish National Board of Social Welfare as the central institute for assessing the needs of care and rehabilitation of alcoholics. Later it has focused on developing and implementing new approaches of substance abuse treatment. The hospital was transferred from the State to the A-Clinic Foundation, the largest Finnish NGO in the addiction field, in 1994.

The hospital offers a variety of inpatient programs, including short-term alcohol detoxification, short-term and long-term managed withdrawal from various substances, a program for dual-diagnosis, a women’s program, a family treatment program, an opioid substitution treatment program, and a therapeutic community (TC).

The main tasks during the treatment period are

  •  to make a proper diagnosis and assessment of the needs of the patient,
  •  to make a realistic treatment plan,
  •  to motivate the patient into a long-term change process, and
  •  to create a functioning social network and to plan the aftercare of the patient.

The multidisciplinary treatment is based on medical care, on principles of community treatment and cognitive-behavioral methods.

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